I saw a story from Japan about a man who filmed a ghost Click here story from dailymail.co.uk.

That led me to do some research on ghosts and I found out something really interesting.  There are more ghost sighting during Christmas than any other time of the year.

According to the experts, (let's take a minute and examine what an "expert" is.  We need to do that by dissecting the word. First part is "Ex", so we take it to it's root which is "X". Now "X" is the unknown, so we have that. Next we have "Pert", but in this case the "X": is extended to the "Pert" giving it the "Spert" sound, so we will make "Pert", "Spert." So what is a "Spert," a "Spert" is a "Drip" under pressure,. So we now can assume an "Expert"  is an "Unknown drip under pressure." The punctuation is going to drive our internet person nuts.

So according to the "Unknown Drips Under Pressure," Christmas Eve through the day after Christmas have more ghost sightings than any other time of the year.  Part of the reasoning is that's the time when most family members are together and when most memories are created. It's also the time when there is more energy, which allows things, for lack of better word, to happen.

So maybe this Christmas, you might just set up a few video recorders just to see if you have any extra guests.  I can see it now, my mom, Grandma, Hahn and Mee, Grandpa Hahn, sister Roxanne, nephew Josh, it could be a full house.

Just released video from our Halloween Ghost Hunt at Owyhee Restaurant and Bowling Lanes.

Kevin Mee

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