You'd think after visiting SEVEN restaurants in the Treasure Valley, he would've thought of his favorite folks in Idaho. We're just a little bit offended. 

Over the past few days, the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, host has quietly launched a new project. He's calling it Flavortown Kitchen. The new venture is basically a ghost kitchen, delivery-only restaurant that brings some of Fieri's signature recipes like Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ Wings, the Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger and Choco Whiskey Cheesecake right to your front door. The meals are prepared out of already established restaurants and delivered by third-parties like UberEats and Door Dash.

The very cool concept is up and running in 23 states, but is Idaho one of them?! NO! We're crushed because three of our neighboring states have restaurants that were selected as ghost kitchens. Fieri has two locations in Nevada, two locations in Utah and one location in Washington state.

In hindsight, maybe we should be happy about this snub? After all, of those seven area restaurants that Fieri visited on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, more than half of them have closed their doors for good after being on the show. Maybe he's a bad omen for Treasure Valley foodies.

Either way, now we're thinking about food. We're hungry. We don't want to make dinner tonight. Since we can't order delivery from Flavortown, where should we grab dinner tonight? We polled our listeners to find out which five restaurants you've been ordering to-go or delivery from the most over the past year. These were your favorites!

(BTW, if you actually want to sit down in these restaurants...that's cool too! You don't have to order to-go or delivery. They're yummy no matter how you want to enjoy them!)

Boise's Favorite Pandemic Takeout and Delivery Locations


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