No timing. No expectations. It's been a while since we've had the opportunity to be part of an event like this on the Greenbelt and this is the PERFECT way to ease back into it! 

Many of you took advantage of some of the extra time you had during the pandemic to begin a new workout routine and have done an incredible job sticking to it. I so admire you for that. My workout routine pretty much vanished. I'm a runner and with every race that I was looking forward to canceled, I've been uninspired to lace up my shoes. Ultimately, it's the fact that I don't love the way my pants are fitting right now that's getting me back out there!

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If you're also starting to ease back into things or you've just been looking forward to in-person runs or walks again, mark your calendars for Saturday, April 24! The City of Eagle is hosting "Glow on the Greenbelt," a two mile run-walk on the Greenbelt and they're going all out for it. We're talking a DJ, music, food, drinks (including adult drinks,) a bubble machine and black lights! That means YOU need to show up in your best glow gear so that the photos you get from their event photographer are epic.

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This is an untimed race and just a reason to get out for some exercise along the Greenbelt. To control crowds, the run-walk will begin in timed waves. For example, bib numbers in the 100 range will start at 8:30, 200s will start at 8:35, so on and so forth. Your race packet will include a headlamp since they'll be required for safety.

I might not be in great shape right now, but I jumped on registering for this one! It sounds like such a fun opportunity to reconnect with friends that I haven't seen in nearly a year! If you're looking forward to doing the same click HERE for more information and to register. The last day to register is Saturday, April 18!

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