If you are new to Idaho, you may also be new to the popular camping lifestyle that long-time Idahoans enjoy so much. Any time that I don't sleep in my own bed, I consider it camping. Even at a fancy hotel like The Grove, it's camping. The thought of pitching my own tent and sleeping in the great outdoors with lions, tigers, bears, and mosquitos is something that I really have to get used to. My family, though, absolutely loves camping. When searching for a compromise, I ran across these campgrounds, where you don't need to pitch tents, and you can still have some of the conveniences that I need while getting the nature that my kids crave.

According to Tripadvisor, these are the "best value" campgrounds in Idaho that offer cabins.

#1 - Sleepy J Cabins
Sleepy J is located in Swan Valley, part of the Yellowstone ecosystem, and is off the Snake River's south bank. This is an excellent place for fishing and seeing wildlife like elk, moose, bears, and bighorn sheep. At night, you can come home to the free wi-fi, pop some popcorn in the microwave and watch Netflix.

#2 - Lava Hot Springs East KOA
Lava Hot Springs East KOA is just a few steps from the Sulfer Hot Springs. They also have nine brand new cabins for all of your glamping needs. They offer free wi-fi, but they don't have TVs, so plan accordingly.

#3 - Brundage Bungalows
Brundage Bungalows is in McCall. Located just a short walk away from the beach, you can come home to free wi-fi and cable TV. The cabins have just been renovated, and they have installed granite kitchens.

#4 - Eagle Ridge Ranch
Eagle Ridge Ranch is a short drive to Yellowstone in Island Park. This area isn't as crowded with tourists as other Yellowstone areas, but the scenery is just as good. The fishing is second to none, and it's easy to find a guide if you want an expert opinion. The family cabins here have three queen beds, satellite TV, high-speed internet, and your own four-person hot tub on the front deck.

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