4 FREE Campsites Near Boise to Try This Summer
Having trouble staying focused on the job today because you're looking forward to a long four day Fourth of July weekend? If you're plans include planning a camping trip, check out these FREE campsites near Boise and do a few more minutes of day dreaming!
Some Fire Restrictions Lifted
If you're trying to get at least one more camping trip in before the weather really gets cooler, good news! Some fire restrictions in Southwestern Idaho have been lifted.
Camping At Horsetheif Will Cost
One of the perks we might (or might not) brag to friends about living in Idaho is our amazing outdoor recreation.  One of our most popular free camping spots has decided to start charging.
Top 5 Free Campsites Near Boise
**The following information was posted in May of 2017 and may no longer be accurate.  Please research before planning your trip.**
There's a lot of places in our neck of the woods you can pitch a tent, start a fire and relax in the outdoors but most cost money.  Not these 5 beauties.

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