There is no doubt that Halloween in 2020 will be different than past years. Parents are left to wonder whether or not it's safe to trick or treat. Costume sales are down, and the number of people dressing up this year will be the lowest in a long time. If you are staying in this year, maybe instead of taking the kids through the neighborhood or going to a coworker's party, perhaps you should put the kids to bed, stay on the couch and watch a movie. There are five horror movies on Amazon Prime video that you can watch right now that were set in Idaho, filmed in Idaho, or both.


Tiego Newton, Ana Camacho, Steve Wilsey
Directed by Kody Newton
2:59 is the story of a twelve-year-old boy who is woken up in terror every day at 2:59am. This short film lasts about ten minutes.

1, 2, 3... Scream!
Doug Jones, Michael Chandler, Robert Picardo
Directed by Jeffrey Pierce
A paranormal investigation reality show is filmed in a remote town in Idaho. As you might expect, ghosts show up and wreak havoc on the show's production.

The Being
Martin Landau, Jose Ferrer, Dorothy Malone
Directed by Jackie Kong
A mutant creature causes chaos in a small town, and it's up to some of the town's most influential citizens to save Idaho.

Jared Stull, Nichole Stull, Alan C Jones
Directed by Kody Newton
Filmed at the Old Idaho Penitentiary, a man is trapped by a hypnotist, who uses him to carry out his evil plans. This short film is eight minutes.

The Boy I Left Behind
Directed by Kody Newton
Aaron Galaviz, Tiego Newton, Arronn Lepperman
Like Einrichen and 2:59, this movie is written and directed by Kody Newton and is about a man who finds a box that contains his childhood fears.

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