This is getting weird.  Have I ever told you my real first name is Elizabeth?

First grade was the last time I ever used that name.  So on October 7 of last year (2013) I went to see psychic medium John Edward at the Egyptian Theater in downtown Boise.

I was tired as I had just completed the Portland Marathon (my first and last marathon...just sayin') the day before but I knew I should go because I wanted something from Mr. Edward.  I was hoping my Mom would step through and say hello.

My Mom had passed suddenly from colon cancer on October 7, 2012.  So a year later I'm thinking I've got a really good chance to say one last goodbye and "I love you."

Mr. Edward never guarantees readings for everyone in attendance, but I thought my chances were good.  In my mind I'm also thinking my Mom is a "young spirit" she would have to fight through so many other people's loved ones to be with me that it may be tough.  If anyone could fight through, it would be my Mom.  She fought so hard her entire life for everything she had.  She was such an amazing woman.

As the evening unfolds it's towards the end and there's a lot of people receiving readings, but nothing for me.  At least that's what I thought.  At one point Mr. Edward faces our area of the theater, mind you he's reading another person that's pretty close to him down in front, but never the less, I think he's looking right at me and he asks if there's an Elizabeth in our general direction.

I froze, my stomach dropped to my toes and I believe I went four shades whiter at that exact moment.  I didn't know or couldn't believe it was me, was it? I hadn't been called by my real first name in years.  It was only when I was in trouble as a child. The whole theater was in complete silence and he asked very quickly again if there's an Elizabeth.  Nobody said a word, in the whole entire place, neither did I.  I didn't know if I was dreaming or if it was real.  I started to raise my hand, but no words would leave my mouth and Mr. Edward moved back to some other audience members in front again.

I'm thinking that was my Mom saying Hi.  I wish I would have said something, but I didn't for whatever reason.  Maybe I don't want to say goodbye until we hug again.  It makes me cry just thinking about that night.  I never got to say goodbye to my Mom.

One thing you'll learn from John Edward is that our loved ones are always around us no matter what.  They're here, you may not be able to touch them but their energy surrounds us 24/7.  They'll give you signals too.  It may be a fond memory, a picture that falls out of a book or maybe it's heart shaped clouds in the sky but they're with us.

For some reason I'm on psychic medium overload.  First, Theresa Caputo is coming in June for a sold out appearance at the Morrison Center on the 10th.  I sent her an email to see if I could get a reading while she's in town.  Long shot, but I asked.

Now, John Edward has announced that he's coming back to Boise on August 19th.  He'll be appearing at The Riverside Hotel and you can buy your tickets by clicking here.  This will be a very intimate evening so be ready for some intense reality.  It's awesome to see him read people.  I could watch him do it all day!

The funny thing is August 19th is the date that my Mom started feeling pretty sick two years ago.  Maybe this time I'll actually say something.  One never knows.

Make it a healthy day!