My kids are not the best sleepers in the world.  They’re up off and on throughout the night several times.

The now six year old is the only one that sleeps through the night.  Yesterday Noah, one of my twin three year old boys, said he talks to “ghosts” and that's why he can't sleep. What?!!

I asked him, "What does the ghost say?"

Grrr then hahaha.  Ok, this is getting really weird.  I think my child is intuitive.  The other twin has said that he's seen them too, but he’s too scared to talk to them.  We even went as far as to call the pediatrician as Noah’s conversations are very concise and vivid.  Guess what?  It’s a possibility.

You may think I’m kooky but I started looking in to children that have psychic abilities and it appears since the late 70’s/early 80’s there’s more and more occurrences of this phenomenon in children.  Evidently there are two genes that have developed in these gifted children.  I thought I’d share a documentary on the subject that’s very interesting.  They’re calling these kids “Indigo Children” due to the blue aura that surrounds them.  Crazy, but all my kids favorite color is blue.

Do you believe?

Make it a healthy day!


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