I saw this news story today and freaked out a bit.

It’s not that I don’t like snakes; I do, except for Rattlesnakes.  I’ve had such a fear of them since I was a little girl.  No reason, I’ve never encountered one, but it was always the “what if” scenario in my mind.

Living in Boise there are Rattlesnakes in our area.  I recently saw a story where a gentleman in the North End walking his dog encountered a rattler on a street.  Yikes!

With three little boys that love snakes and have a fascination with them, it scares me if one wandered into our yard (we live close to the foothills) would they know what to do?  A six year old boy was bitten over the weekend and survived, but then again “what if?”  You can read the whole story here.

Be rattlesnake aware with your family and your animals.  Rattlesnakes are more afraid of you so know what to do if you encounter one.  Summer is still around for two more months.  Be cautious!

Make it a healthy day!