Today is Blue Monday, considered the gloomiest, most depressing, crummy, saddest, grinding, well maybe not grinding, day of the year.  This is the day the bills hit the mail, and you realize that there isn't a real holiday for awhile. The weather is usually cold, wet, the sun is limited, the Christmas bills are coming in and there isn't any Monday Night Football. Wow, I feel like I just had a load unlifted. (I made that word up just to make the spell check freak)

Blue Monday was actually started by a British marketing company.  I have no idea what they were trying to sell, maybe time shares or spa treatments. Now science has done studies that back the marketing campaign. Kind of makes you wish the marketing company had started "Millionaire Monday."

Now that you know your anti-depression medicine is working, here are some ways to beat today, from the "Happy Pros."

Choose your attitude, you can decide if you're going to be happy or not.

Get whatever light you can,  even if it's artificial.  Sunlight helps build serotonin and triggers endorphins, both mood-boosting hormones.

Get some sort of Aerobic exercise today, it increases blood flow and releases endorphins that once again make you feel better.

Be grateful, say thanks, make a list of things you're thankful for, but only the thankful list.

Offer someone a genuine compliment, and/or make a contribution to a charity.

What are your ways to beat "Blue Monday?"

Kevin Mee



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