What is the Happiest City in Idaho?
Some places seem happier than others.  They just do.  People in these spots have decent jobs, they have access to lakes and sports and shopping, there are lots of choices when it comes to restaurants, and the kids are in good shape with schools and baseball leagues. So which city in Idaho&…
Blue Monday Is Here
Today is Blue Monday, considered the gloomiest, most depressing, crummy, saddest, grinding, well maybe not grinding, day of the year.  This is the day the bills hit the mail, and you realize that there isn't a real holiday for awhile. The weather is usually cold, wet, the sun is limited, t…
80-odd Years Of “Happy” [VIDEO]
When you think of retirement communities, you probably imagine a slower pace and a lot of sitting, right? Well, that's not what's happening in this community. The residents got together and remade Pharrell William's "Happy" video.
Family Is Forever
I'm googling stuff for Father's Day that may help me decide on a present to get Dad and I stumble on to this video.