I think that all of us want to be remembered. This doesn't make us unique. Wanting to be recognized and leaving a legacy is why rulers of nations conquered other nations in world history. It's the reason that pharaohs built pyramids in Egypt.

It's unlikely that you will build some sort of monument to yourself in the Treasure Valley because it's expensive and makes you look a little into yourself, which isn't as cool as it was back in the times of King Tut and Julius Caesar.

There is one easy way that you can leave your mark on the Treasure Valley.  Put your name on a tree or a bench in one of the beautiful parks that grace the Boise area. Sure, it may not be as grand as a pyramid or a statue of yourself, but it's a start, and it's a lot more cost-effective.

As someone that likes to see my name in lights, I decided to look into the costs of having my name associated with a tree or a bench. Many people use the tree dedication to remember a loved one, or one couple used a tree to commemorate their anniversary. That's kind of a smart idea because if you ever forget what day your anniversary is, you can go to the park and find the date under the tree! To adopt a tree and have a 5"x3" plaque installed, the cost ranges between $515 and $1,030 depending on the park and the tree's size. It seems like a lot of money for something that a dog will likely use as a toilet.

The other option is a little more expensive, but my favorite. You could have your name attached to either a metal or stone park bench. The bench adoption comes with a 6"x9" plaque. Prices range from $1,525 to $2,525, depending on the bench and the park.

There is one catch, though. These adoptions only last 20 years, and then you have to pay to renew.

If you're interested on either, click HERE.B8

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