Now this is just crazy brilliant and totally awesome. The Vandals of The University Of Idaho have been notorious for some crazy antics over the last few years. And this time the Football team is not in the news. The Palouse is going bonkers for Pokemon Go. 

We've seen it take off here in Boise..(watch video below) And now the popular game has headed north to the rolling hills populated by the Silver and Gold of the Palouse. The University Of Idaho announced on Friday that it will soon be offering courses for students to become Pokey pros. The hope is that these classes will teach students a healthy and active lifestyle working together as a team as well as exploring there communities. So if you are a freshman heading to Moscow for the fall semester the class is called Pop Culture Games. The instructor of the class, which you can earn credit for says  "Pokemon Go encourages students who might normally avoid organized exercise to get outside and move about and meet other players."

Hone your skills and become a Pokemon Go PRO with these tips.