One of the biggest complaints about face masks is that they make breathing uncomfortable.  Does that mean we're not getting enough oxygen?

It may feel like it, but that face mask isn't making it harder to breathe, in theory anyway.

The Today Show talked to a doctor who said healthy, energetic people can keep up the intensity of normal activity without much trouble because plenty of oxygen still gets in.

One doctor said, “Scientific studies are showing that there's no real important changes in C02 levels or oxygen levels even from wearing surgical masks. And fabric masks have better permeation for gases..."

It could be that we're not used to having cloth on our faces for an extended period of time and we're suddenly hyper-aware of it, which causes a little subconscious anxiety and we hone in on our breathing, and that alone makes it feel like it's harder to breathe.  Who knows!

The good news is if it feels a little harder to breathe wearing a mask, that probably just means it's doing its job acting as a good filter.  The Today Show said, "The mask stops some particles from spreading freely and pushes some air down instead of out."  That's good protection for everyone.

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