Christopher Robbins

DQ is passing out free cones today, and here's what you have to do to get one.

Nothing!  Just walk in the door and they'll give you a free small vanilla cone - today only - March 15th. They've got one per person, so take those ice-cream-loving kids along too.  Just don't let them request a chocolate cone instead, because the free ones are all vanilla.

DQ says it's taking donations for the Children's Miracle Network as part of the promotion.

It's free-standing locations only across the US and not mall locations, but they're offering every fan in America a free small cone today all across the country.  Just one!  One per person.

There are DQ locations of course all over the Treasure Valley, including spots in Boise on Overland Rd., East Boise Ave., and Franklin Rd.  Thanks DQ!