Sometimes we read things that should be accepted without question, and this is one of those times. Drinking up to four cups of coffee per day can keep the lockdown pounds off. Fantastic! This is some news we can use.

We should probably figure out if adding a steady pour of cream inhibits the ability of coffee to keep pounds away, but that seems like a minor detail at this point.  Coffee is a pick-me-up we need right now, and the more benefits we can squeeze out of it, the better.

My Grandma introduced me to coffee when I was fifteen.  She had a pot of coffee going all day at her little farmhouse in Nebraska where I grew up, and most days I would head to her house after school and we would sit at her kitchen table and sip coffee and talk.  In addition to being delicious and necessary, coffee has a sentimental attachment for me, and now that I know that it can help prevent the quarantine fifteen, even better.

new study from the University of Illinois found that drinking several cups of coffee each day can help curb worries about weight gain because caffeine is considered an anti-obesity agent. says coffee can help suppress appetite and those who drink it end up consuming fewer calories each day than those who don't.  It can also boost metabolism.  And the coffee itself can even counteract the effects of the cream and sugar that's in it.  Black coffee might help us lose weight, and if we put cream and sugar in it, well, at least we won't gain any.

The best dose seems to be four to eight 8 ounce cups, which is the equivalent of 2 to 4 standard office coffee mugs.  I've already had three today, and four sounds like a good goal.

If we stay active and don't skimp on the coffee, maybe we can emerge from the lockdown with minimal negative effects -- the physical ones anyway.  Here's hoping.

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