LITE-FM's Christmas Wish is back, thanks to our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union.

If you look up the word "selfless" in the dictionary, you'll probably find Imelda's picture. Ashley and her co-workers from the Boys & Girls Club couldn't wait to tell us about the mom of one of their club members. Imelda's a single mom with three kids still living at home.

About two years ago, she packed up her family and moved to Idaho to help take care of her mom. Not only was she glad to be able to help take care of her mom, but she was excited for her kids to experience all four seasons and meet some incredibly kind people.

Things changed when she was in an accident at work that broke her back and tailbone. She tried to power through her injuries the best she could, but the pain's gotten to a point where she can't work anymore. Her doctors say that she'll need surgery in the future. Disability hasn't kicked in yet and bills are piling up.

And then one of the worst things that could possibly happen in late fall in Idaho happened. The HVAC system at Imelda's home just gave up. The family's been without heat for some time. When Ashley found out, she promised Imelda that the club would turn over every stone they could trying to find someone to help. We're so happy that we were one of those stones they turned over because we had a local business reach out to us before Christmas Wish even started hoping that they'd get to opportunity to pay it forward to one of our Wish families.

Click play below to hear Ashley and her fellow elf tell us about Imelda and what happened when we showed up with our friends from Capital City Heating & Cooling! 

After we granted the wish, Michael and his team stayed at Imelda's home until 10 p.m. Capital City Heating & Cooling gifted her a new furnace, evaporator coil and thermostat that will keep her and her kids warm for years to come!

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