What a total bummer!  KTVB just reported that the SERVPRO First Responder Bowl has been canceled.  The game started with the Boise State Broncos who were going for their 2nd straight 11 game win season and all fired up after losing the Mountain West Conference Championship to Fresno State, who they had already beat earlier in the year were down 7-0 to Boston College, the BSU fields a punt and BOOM!  Huge thunder and lightning struck.

Officials don't mess around with lightning so everyone packed up for a good delay.  Normally play continues after an hour or so but when this delay hit the one hour and 25-minute mark officials canceled the game calling it a 'NO CONTEST'.  What?  No contest?  I've never even heard of that in football.

You think about everyone involved in this and how many people and organizations disappointed.  Sponsors, TV Networks, Fans that traveled, BSU, Boston College, Uuuuuggghhhhh.  What a mess.  Below are some of the tweets sent out with video...

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