I'm into a lot of conspiracies but even I had a hard time believing this theory about Albertsons Stadium. Apparently, there are a ton of people who actually believe that the home of our beloved Boise State Bronco's football team regularly causes the birds of Idaho to die.

How is that so? A simple web search seems to indicate that this theory is alive and well with many blaming the blue turf of Albertsons Stadium. According to Quora, the most common myth from people is that the birds confuse the turf for being a lake of water which causes them to "dive bomb" headfirst into the field resulting in their death on impact.

Now, if you buy into this theory, I'm here to break it to you that this theory is not true. There is some convincing evidence to debunk the theory starting with the fact that birds won't "dive bomb" unless it's to "bluff" according to Aviaway.

Also, unlike humans, birds can perceive ultraviolet light according to Oxford Academic. In theory, this should mean that the UV rays reflected off of water would be easy for a bird to spot. So, unless the bird has a death wish, it's unlikely that they would confuse the field for water.

Now, there's a chance that some people may argue that birds are in fact being killed by the legendary blue field and if you have concrete proof of this, I would love to see it here. All of that being said - at least we can all sleep at night knowing that the Broncos, the team we know and love, aren't winning games on a "haunted-by-dead-birds" football field after all.

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