After Memorial Day weekend, I don't think anyone trusts a single weather forecast or weather app.  For the next three weeks, you have a good reason not to! 

Hubby and I were sitting on the patio of Mode Lounge doing a little people watching, when I looked down at my phone and noticed that a tornado warning had been issued for Elmore County. "I think it's coming this way," he said as he pointed to the ominous dark clouds hanging above Downtown Boise and studied whatever weather radar app he had open on his phone.

"Sky's not green yet. I'll believe it when I see it." My smart aleck answer came out of frustration from trying to plan my workouts around rain/wind/storms for the past two weeks only to get the timing wrong every...single...time.  It didn't matter if I was using a forecast from a local newscast or a weather app, I either ended up drenched or running into a headwind that made it feel like I was running backward. Entering week three of unstable weather, I'm over it and I'm convinced that no one can make even a somewhat accurate forecast.

Well, according to KTVB's Bri Eggers...that's not entirely untrue, at least for the next three-ish weeks.  According to a post on the news station's website, Boise's radar site has been taken down down for a planned upgrade.  Unfortunately, that's one of the most valuable tools meteorologists have in their back pockets while it comes to tracking storms like the ones we've experienced throughout much of late May. It allows them to gather realtime data about where and what type of precipitation is part of the storm, as well as which direction they're moving and how fast.

While it's down, meteorologists can't use it for their weathercasts and you won't be able to see any it on any of the weather apps you have downloaded on your phone. The best you'll see is images from outlying radar sites in Pendleton, Elko and Pocatello.

If you're like me and you constantly check the hourly % chance of precipitation part of your Apple Watch frequently, just brace yourself for a few more weeks of not entirely accurate information.

Grrr. Can't it just be summer already?!

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