One of the good things to come out of the Coronavirus shutdown has been the fun of meetings on Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  You can now take that meeting from your house, the park, your car or hundreds of other places that aren’t your office.  Maybe you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be or maybe your living room or kitchen isn’t exactly as clean as you’d like it to be when your co-workers are peering in.  No problem!  Now you can take that meeting from the Starship Enterprise, Leslie Knope’s office from Parks and Recreation, the Central Perk from Friends or from a house or backyard much nicer than your own.  Some of my personal favorites are jail, a WWE ring and the White House Press Room.  Maybe you want to keep it local.  No problem!  Check out the 18 different backgrounds that are free courtesy of or the 30 that are on a Google Drive courtesy of Boise State.  Some of the more popular national ones are below.


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