The Broncos have not lost much this season.  They've got a record of 20-4 and just stole a win over New Mexico on the road on Tuesday as they march toward the NCAA tournament.  We've got just three chances left to see them play at home this season during the regular season, and the Big Dance could be next.

The Broncos are on the road tomorrow (Saturday Feb. 10) against Utah State in Logan, UT, and then they'll be back at home on Valentine's Day against Nevada.  Other home games coming up include February 17 against Air Force, and March 3 against Wyoming, and that's it for the home court advantage.  There are road games in between, but if we want to see them play at Taco Bell Arena during the regular season, we've got to go see one of those three games.  And then hope the Broncos host an NCAA tournament game in March!  We'll find out after the conference tournaments whether Boise State gets an invitation to the coveted NCAA tournament.  The Mountain West tournament is up first, starting March 7th in Las Vegas.

Selection Sunday is March 11, and we'll know that day whether the Broncos make the NCAA tournament.  Surely they will, right?  I mean, how many times have we filled out one of those brackets for the office pool and seen teams with 17-12 records or worse.  20-4 sounds pretty good, after two nail-biter wins in the past week, the Broncos have momentum on their side, and they're showing no signs of slowing down.

The NCAA tournament starts March 13th, and it'll be on the flat screens at every office, restaurant, and oil change place.  Boise State has made the tournament seven times, and we'll hope that 2018 brings number eight.

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