How to Watch Boise State in the Post-Season NIT
The goal for every college basketball team is to make the NCAA Tournament, but the National Invitational Tournament carries extra prestige this year too. The Broncos will help kick off the NIT tonight and there are two reasons they'll win.
There's No Night Basketball In Boise
At 18-7, the Boise State Broncos have had one of the best seasons in school history. This could be just the eighth time that the Broncos are invited to the NCAA Tournament. Once they get in, they could make history by being the first team in school history to win at least one game in the big tournam…
Boise State Basketball has sights set on the NCAA Tournament
The Broncos have not lost much this season. They've got a record of 20-4 and just stole a win over New Mexico on the road on Tuesday as they march toward the NCAA tournament. We've got just three chances left to see them play at home this season during the regular season, and the Big Dan…

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