At 18-7, the Boise State Broncos have had one of the best seasons in school history. This could be just the eighth time that the Broncos are invited to the NCAA Tournament. Once they get in, they could make history by being the first team in school history to win at least one game in the big tournament.

The Broncos men's basketball history may not be as iconic as their football program, but maybe that is because it's impossible to find a place to shoot hoops once the sun goes down.

Dear Boise Parks and Recreation,

I understand that the parks are technically closed after sunset, but don't you think that there could be a case for at least one basketball court to be open until 10pm? 19 Boise city parks with basketball hoops on them. Of those 19 parks, precisely zero have lights on the court. I know that if these courts were available at night, plenty of people would be willing to use them. Not everyone can get home in time to eat dinner, put on basketball clothes, and hit the courts before the sun goes down. I realize the time change is right around the corner and will lead to later nights, but the days are the shortest when basketball is in season. It's possible that having lighted basketball courts in the city of Boise could lead to more consistent play from the Boise State Broncos basketball program. It could lead to a first-round tournament win. It could lead to healthier citizens. It could give kids who have been stuck at home all day a great opportunity to bond with their parents or friends in a different setting.

Thank you for your consideration,

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