Boise State has some fantastic female athletes playing basketball right now, and we should be falling all over ourselves to go watch them play each week. Why isn't ExtraMile Arena selling out at every single game? 

If you've got middle school and elementary-aged girls like I do, you're probably looking for opportunities to put them in front of good role models and positive influences as much as possible.  Me too.

Even if they're not super athletic, taking kids to a sporting event teaches them so many things.  They see teamwork in action, they feel the energy of the crowd, they see the results of hard work and dedication, and last but not least, the snacks are good.  I mean, let's be honest.  We have to have popcorn while we're watching games too, and then it becomes kinda like going to the movies without the lightsabers.

It's amazing to me that a women's college basketball game can be sparsely-attended.  Ever.  The athletes have worked themselves up to an elite level, and the competition is intense.  Regular season records and conference tournament seeds are on the line with every game, and every team is trying to make a big enough splash that they can hit March Madness with momentum.  And yet on nationally televised games when the camera pans around the arena, there are usually more empty seats than filled ones.  We can't let this happen at Boise State.

Let's go support the Broncos this weekend. The women play San Diego State tomorrow (Saturday, January 11) at 2 pm at ExtraMile Arena.  Tickets are still available.

And next Wednesday (January 15), they'll host Air Force at 7 pm. 

They deserve to have our butts in the seats!  Check out the roster HERE, and decide which jersey number to wear to the games.

Good luck Broncos.  #BLEEDBLUE

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