Unfortunately, the new policies weren't complete before Boise State's first home game against Washington State.

It's no surprise that months ago, Boise State fans were worried about tailgate space in Julia Davis Park and how Broadway Bridge construction would affect their pre-game festivities on September 10th.  According to KTVB, former Idaho legislator Steve Smylie was among those fans and decided to reserve a picnic area at Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park (approximately a little over a half mile walk down the Greenbelt to the Broadway Bridge) months before kick off.

After the game's nail biting finish, some of Smylie's friends were shocked to find out that Boise Valley Towing Company, under contract for Boise Parks and Rec, had towed their vehicles to an impound lot. Why? All of Boise's parks close at sundown (with the exception of Julia Davis Park) on game day.  Tailgaters have till 3 a.m. following the game to get their cars out of Julia Davis Park.  Smylie's reservation papers for the Municipal Park rental did state that the park closed at 9 p.m.

The Director of Boise Parks and Rec tells KTVB, the city plans to add Ann Morrison Park and Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park to the list of places you can park after dark.  Once the policies are revised, you'll be able to park in those locations until 3 a.m. as well.