There's a lot of talk around the Treasure Valley about real estate and what you can get for your money these days. We've seen what the cheapest homes in the Valley look like, and we've seen what the most expensive homes look like. What a million-dollar listing looked like five years ago is more like what a ten-million-dollar listing today.


So what does a million-dollar listing actually look like in 2022? Don't get me wrong, a million-dollar home is lovely but probably not as nice as you'd expect it to be. If you're looking for an indoor pool, tons of space, and your own shooting range, you're going to have to extend your budget by about five or six million.


Boise's cheapest million-dollar listing is exactly one million dollars. Since this past weekend's open house, it has a pending offer. Believe it or not, according to the property value information listen on from Quantarium and CoreLogic, this home was valued between $318,243 and $355,100 at this same time five years ago. Not a bad investment.


The home was built in the mid-1960s but has been very nicely updated. It has room for an RV and space to do a lot of work in the garage. It is just over 4,000 square feet has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The more luxurious features include the outdoor basketball and tennis courts. There is also an extra set of washer and dryer hookups in the master suite so you can wash your clothes separately, I guess. Check out the photos below.

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