They're probably not thinking about how sexy they are while they're fighting fires, but that changes this week when Boise fire fighters hit the runway.  They're getting fashionable for a cause.

The local union, Boise Fire Fighters 149, says this Thursday they'll give us a really fun girls night out!  It's calendar men and other Boise Fire Fighters (both men and women) modeling John Varvatos clothes and SAXX underwear, and helping the Community Assistance Fund.

They promise it will stay classy and right in line with what we'd expect from these local heroes.  But it will let them have a little fun outside of their comfort zones, and get them out of those bulky, heavy coats and pants, and give them a break from carrying the heavy hoses for awhile.  They'll be in suits and ties, cocktail dresses, and at some point some of them will be puttin' on the sexy underwear for a good cause.

The idea for the fashion show came from the success of the Boise fire fighters calendar, so it's an extension of that.  Fire fighters must have realized we love men in uniform, and we don't mind a bit when they show off those biceps.  And to the awesome female fire fighters -- ladies, we are totally envious of your athletic ability and mental toughness.  You SO rock, and we can't wait to see you all struttin' your stuff on the runway this week.

The Night on Fire Fashion show is happening at The Linen Building this Thursday, November 2nd at 6:30pm.  One hundred percent of the proceeds will help support and educate anyone around Boise that's "underprivileged, the victim of sickness and/or tragedy, disabled, homeless or in need," according to the Union.  Good fun, for a good cause.  Thanks fire fighters, for all you do.

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