The Best Places to Buy Jeans for Under $50
There's so much that goes into a pair of jeans becoming our go-to pair. We want them to hit the style trends, be comfortable, and not break the bank. Check out these ideas on ways to make it all happen this spring.
Goodbye Skinny Jeans. It's Time To Get Wider!
Short or long, black or colorful, these palazzo pants are in! Wide leg and palazzo pants will be making us look good this season. Phew! Gone are the skinny jeans and the 'showing everything you have' style. Can I get an amen?
Is There An Age Limit To Fashion?
I'm confused. There's so much talk about embracing your body, about wearing what makes you feel good and finding the right style for you BUT there's always the comment of dressing age-appropriate and about the fact that there's an age and/or lifestyle limit on what you can wear. …
Zoo Jeans!
Have you ever purchased a pair of distressed jeans? What about a pair of distressed jeans that were torn and chewed by a lions, tigers and bears...for fashion?