There's so much more to flying than sitting on the plane, reading on your device, and eating peanuts.  A lot of flying involves waiting.  Waiting for the line to move so you can board the plane, waiting for the plane to leave the gate, and waiting for the plane to reach the gate once the plane lands.

It turns out, Boise Airport may have a delay here and there, but overall our airport is a lot speedier than other airports across the country. If you hit these other airports this summer, prepare to sit and wait.

If you fly into Los Angeles International Airport know that it takes planes there longer than any other US airport to get to the gate after landing. Those planes taxi for almost 11 minutes after landing before they unload at the gate.  But it's a good time to catch up on all the texts and calls missed while the plane was in the air.  Bright side. did a study and said, Newark and San Francisco are the worst airports for on time arrivals during the summer.  They're plagued with late flights and reschedules more than any other airport.  Honolulu and Salt Lake City have the best scores for on-time travel  That's good news for all of you Free Trip Friday winners, heading into Salt Lake City this summer on Alaska Airlines.  Another reason to enjoy your big win from Mix 106.

The times that I've flow in and out of Boise Airport, the taxi time on the runway hasn't been more than two or three minutes.  What's your experience?  It's gotta be better than LAX. also says San Jose and Portland are the least miserable airports for summer travel overall, and they're each in the top 10 on-time arrivals and in the top 3 for getting to the gate after landing.  Seattle ranks high too.

If you have yet to book your flight this summer, a big helpful tip is to schedule it in the morning.  Delays get longer and there is a greater chance of runways getting backed up as the day goes on.

And thanks Boise Airport, for getting us through as quickly as you can.  You can always check flight status HERE.


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