Idaho may be growing at a rapid rate, but to many of us living in the state’s capital city, it still feels more like a small town than a bustling metro. 

According to driver’s license migration data available through the Idaho Department of Transportation, more than 27,000 people moved into Ada and Canyon County in 2021. That number sounds enormous, but the truth is it still feels like Boise has six degrees of separation. Everyone knows someone who knows you.

That’s why it’s wild to think that two of the 50 biggest retailers in America are based in Idaho! 

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Stacker recently ranked the biggest retailers in America based on their retail sales figures from 2021. 15 of these businesses don’t have a physical location in Idaho (which is a bummer, because we’d be pretty excited to have an Aldi here.) Despite what some call a “retail apocalypse,” 35 of them have at least one brick-and-mortar location in the Gem State. Two of them operate their headquarters out of Boise. 


Think you know which stores we’re missing and which iconic Boise brands made a very impressive list? Take a look to see if you’re right!

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Stacker recently put together a list of the top 50 biggest retailers in America using retail sales data from Kantar, provided by the National Retail Federation. They were ranked by the dollar amount of retail sales they did in 2021. We took it a step further to see how many locations they have in Idaho and across the United States.

Total stores were based on figures from Scrapehero. The number of Idaho stores is based on information collected from a brand's website. It was easier to find that info for some and difficult for others. So cut us some slack if we're off by a store or two. It was hard to count all those little dots on the map. (We're looking at you Ace Hardware.)

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