If you search through YouTube long enough, you’ll stumble across a few videos of opening day at Boise Towne Square Mall. The mall just turned 35 in October 2023. Even though the mall itself continues to show its resilience, there’s been quite a few changes inside those walls! 


We’re stunned that multiple surveys say that Gen Z might actually be the savior for shopping malls. Responses showed that the majority of Gen Z actually prefers going to brick-and-mortar stores over shopping online, even though online shopping is a convenience they’ve never had to live without. While they’ll choose discount retailers first, they’re also interested in the specialty retailers that you can only find somewhere like the mall. They’re also choosing to shop in person because it’s a social experience with their friends. 


It almost seems like the tides have turned, doesn’t it? As millennials, hitting the mall with our friends to shop for the trendiest clothes or perfect prom dress was the absolute highlight of our teenage social lives. Those days were even better with a big soft pretzel in one hand and an Orange Julius in the other. Now? If the item we need doesn’t have free two day shipping, we’re not sure we really need it! 

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While Gen Z will eventually come to know a trip to Boise Towne Square Mall that includes a stop at In-N-Out Burger in the same parking lot, the one thing that they won’t have is fond memories of the tastes and smells from these concourse and food court restaurants from back in the day!

Using our own memories (and some archived mall directories,) we put together this list of 13 food destinations that are no longer at Boise Towne Square.

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