When you’re craving seafood, fish & chips is the right answer any day of the year. However, there’s a certain season where the dish is even more in demand! 

In 2024, that season is Wednesday, February 14 - Thursday, March 28. The forty-day period of time is when certain Christian religions prepare to celebrate the Lord’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday. 

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Those religions include the Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian and Catholic churches. Catholics don’t eat meat on Fridays during Lent and that’s why it’s not uncommon to see restaurants offer specials on their fish & chips or other seafood dishes in the weeks leading up to Easter. 


Personally, we love a good lobster roll. If you haven’t tried Freshies Lobster Co. in The Warehouse yet, you’re missing out. Despite being pretty far from the New England states that made the lobster roll famous, theirs was named one of the best lobster rolls in America. That said, fish & chips tends to be a little more affordable than dishes that include things like lobster, crab or scallops. 

So who in the Treasure Valley does the dish the best? With our #4 pick from last year, Little Pearl Oyster Bar, currently on a "creative break" there was an opportunity for a restaurant that hasn't been on the list to creep into the mix! We surveyed our listeners on Facebook and searched through some of the most popular Boise foodie groups on social media put together a list of places that you should give a try in 2024.

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