By now you might have your Pit Passes and meet-and-greets for Saturday's Boise Music Festival, and if not we have a few last minute chances for ya. Backstage is usually unpredictable, and sometimes slightly awkward, but I'm sure you'll handle it well!

That's me in the pic with Vanilla Ice at BMF in 2013, coming across as a bit of a stalker.  There was a big group backstage and many of us tried to get into the same picture, and I was quick to claim a spot close to Vanilla Ice, but we all ended up looking at different cameras and the end result turned out to be a little goofy.  But he was so nice!  And I got to touch the tattoos, so it wasn't all bad.

I met Jason Derulo that year too and told him he looked good sweaty.  It was really hot that day and he had just come off the stage and even after resting for a few minutes in his air-conditioned trailer he still had water coming out of his pores.  Smooth move, Jenny Sue, smooth. But he did sweat really well.  And he smelled fantastic.

I hope you end up backstage this year!  Two bits of advice if you do: stand right next to that superstar and not a step behind, and have an idea about what you might say ahead of time.  Something besides, "You look good sweaty."  The meet-and-greets go fast, and before you know it you'll be posting that picture to social media and you want it to be good, not awkward.  Relax and have fun!

No matter what your view is like at the show or who you meet, it will be a super fun day with temporary tattoos, frosty beverages, celebrities, friends, the carnival, and maybe a smidge of a sunburn.

See you there!  Come take pictures with us too.  The weather is going to be perfect so we won't be sweaty.  Or awkward.

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