In a city like Boise, it’s easy to forget that there are bad people out there with bad intentions. As I’ve settled here with my family, I have learned that the city of Boise is overall relatively safe and very clean. Before we moved into the home that we’re in now, we did the typical research most families do: look up nearby schools, grocery stores, etc. Now, a lot of us have heard of the database you can search to see if there are any offenders living in your area but I never knew there was a way to find out if there’s a meth lab near your area.

What is a meth lab?

According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, a meth lab “is an illicit operation that has the apparatus and chemicals needed to produce the powerful stimulant methamphetamine.” They also add that you can spot a potential meth lab with these signs:

  • Unusual odors
  • Excessive trash and red-stained cloths
  • Foil over windows
  • Visitors at weird times
  • You never see your neighbors

If those warning signs have you thinking of an annoying neighbor more than a meth addict cooking up drugs in their house, no worries. Thanks to the people over at the American Addiction Centers, we can now do a search to find out not only where the closest meth lab is to you but also how many meth labs are in the state of Idaho! While it’s slightly terrifying, at least you can confirm your suspicions about “that neighbor” and find out for sure.

Photo courtesy of American Addiction Centers, National Rehabs Directory
Photo courtesy of American Addiction Centers, National Rehabs Directory

You can begin your search here; all you have to do is plug in your address (I had to click the dropdown autofill for mine to work) and hit enter. Boom. Now you can sleep comfortably at night knowing just how close you are to a meth lab... right?

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