Are you always late?  You may think it's in your nature, but research says there are two reasons, one good the other kind of like ou are the Darth Vader, you are the dark side. Now this may not be you, but you know that person, the one who is past 15 minutes late, which is late in itself. Actually for meetings and special events, anything over 5 minutes is considered "Rude Late."

Now "Rude Late" is the late that makes others have to wait longer than 5 minutes. The old 15 minute late rule, is just that "OLD."  With today's instant society and the abundance of clocks that are on time, Five minutes is the new rule. Now let's get back to the reasons people are late.

First let's deal with what I consider the dark side. You're late because you're self centered and think your time is more valuable than anyone else. So if a boss is chronically late it's not only a power move, but it's a way of saying "I'm better than you and I know it," which leads to the good side of the chronically late person.

People who are chronically late do have a good side. I know, you're saying what can be good about someone who thinks so much of themselves that they don't even care about your time. Well the good side is, these people tend to be more optimistic. For some reason the people who are always late see plenty of time to get things done. I know it sounds kind of screwy, but they look at life life like there is plenty of time, but it's being optimistic in their world only, so you still are below them.

Do you know someone who is chronically late? Are they an optimistic person, are they self centered.

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