With few new movies to offer movie goers between now and the end of 2020, four Edwards theaters in Boise and Nampa closed their doors again at close of business last Thursday. Another chain will follow in their footsteps this week. 

Edwards' parent company, Regal, made the decision just a few days after the next James Bond movie, No Time to Die, was delayed to April 2021. On Regal's final day, Disney announced their plans to release one of the last new movies standing, Pixar's Soul, directly to Disney+. The last two major releases standing are the Ryan Reynold's movie Free Guy and Wonder Woman 1984. 

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While Idaho movie theaters were given the green light to re-open in late May, most of the first run theaters waited to open until a few weeks before Tenet, the first major new release since March, was set to go over Labor Day weekend.

Second run theaters like Overland Park Cinemas and Reel theaters re-opened much earlier offering throwback movies.

Unfortunately, it hasn't proven viable for the Reel theaters. On Wednesday night, the Caldwell Luxe Reel theater shared a COVID-19 update on Facebook:

After reading the update, we visited each Treasure Valley Reel Theater's webpage and can confirm that it's not just the first run Luxe Theaters in Caldwell and Eagle closing on October 16. Country Club (Boise,) Northgate (Boise) and Nampa all list their theaters as temporarily closed beginning October 16.

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