Family pictures, senior pictures, wedding pictures etc. There are times we hire photographers to capture high-quality pictures of us. You know... when we need something better than just our selfies or when we probably shouldn't rely on family members to find the right angle haha!

But have you ever taken professional pictures of your dogs — or hired a photographer for your dogs?

Well, today is actually National Dog Photography Day!

According to the Nashville Film Institute (NFI), “Pet photography is currently the most popular form of photography. It captures the pet’s personality, character, habits, and other memorable moments. The subject matter is plenty, and you can go for natural, candid shots or portraits. However, pet photography is not easy as pets don’t pose like humans.”

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It may seem silly to some, but taking pictures of our pets is something we all do, right? I’ve got a question for you... How many pictures and videos do you have on your phone of your dogs? If you’re like me, your phone is full of pictures of your dogs and from time to time you scroll through memory lane and look at how much they’ve grown.

So, maybe it’s not that silly after all. We love our dogs like family, and we should have good pictures of them, too.

In the spirit of National Dog Photography Day, keep scrolling for Patriotic Pups & Their 4th of July Glamour Shots, as well as plenty more adorable Boise dog pictures! 👇

Patriotic Pups & Their 4th Of July Glamour Shots!

The Idaho Humane Society gave these pups an opportunity to strut their stuff in this very American photo shoot as they try to find them furrever homes!

Adorable Boise Dog Photos

Adorable Pictures of Your Pets (Happy National Pet Day!)

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