My Facebook Memories took it upon themselves to remind me that at this point 11 years, I was packing up everything I could fit in my Chevy Cavalier and moving 2,100 across the country to Boise. 

As soon as my dad and I drove past the Boise sign on Broadway Avenue, I never looked back. Something about this city just sucks you in. Maybe it's the fact that as soon as you get off the Broadway exit, you're treated to an absolutely gorgeous view of the foothills and Downtown. It was such a change from the landscape of the depressed, steel town that I grew up in. I couldn't wait to get out and explore my new home.

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Even though I've been here for over a decade, I'm constantly finding new beautiful places in Idaho and I brag about how pretty our state is to my friends and family back east all the time.

Whether you lived here your entire life or are still relatively new to the Gem State, I'm almost certain that you probably do the same. Idaho's breathtaking...and photogenic. That's why we dug up over 20 free wallpaper images of Idaho that you can take with you in your pocket wherever you go!

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If one of these just speaks to you and you'd like to use it as your home screen, simply click the photo and it will take you the the page to download it!

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