Based on the number of votes coming in for our Santa Paws competition, we're guessing quite a few of you are feeling a little stressed at work this week and are taking a much needed break to click through cute Christmas cat photos.

Do those silly photos have you thinking that the holidays might be the perfect time to add a kitty to your family? Well, we're here to tell you that gut feeling is correct and you should go for it because our friends at Simply Cats are hosting their "Whisker Wonderland" adoption event this week.

That means that adoption fees for kittens and adult cats (ages 6 months to 9 years) have been reduced by 50% bringing the fees down to $42.50 and $37.50 respectively. Or maybe you're willing to be a hero for senior kitty who's looking for a fresh start and fur-ever home. These cats are FREE to take home this week. The senior cats are 10 years or older and have found themselves at the shelter for all kinds of reasons.

Leonard and Eddie's owner was in a car accident that left her unable to support herself. She had to move to New York to be with family who could help her and her boys weren't able to come with her. Bongo's really sad because his owner is deploying overseas and he just wants someone to be his sidekick and keep him company. Dasher was a stray that wondered onto a porch of a family of cat lovers in Oregon. They already had four and weren't able to keep her, but they made arrangements to bring her from the John Day all the way to Simply Cats in Boise to help her find a new home.

My mom's very first cat, Mr. Jiggles, was a senior cat from a shelter and it was amazing to watch him go from shy and scared to being an energetic kitty who loved to play as much as he liked to couple. The two of them shared a lot of great moments together and my mom felt blessed to be able to help him live out his remaining years in a home full of love.

A senior kitty is a great addition to any family and Simply Cats does a great job keeping them warm, well-fed and safe until they find a new home. Now, don't expect to just walk in, ask for a senior cat and walk out. The shelter wants to make sure these sweeties are going home with the right owners, so you'll need to stick around to go through the entire adoption process that takes about 20-30 minutes and gives you some great info on how to help your new family member adjust to the home.

Click HERE to meet Simply Cats' senior residents!

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