Poor Jack Jack! Sure, working from home isn't ideal for a lot of folks or their pets, but we can't imagine surrendering a beloved member of our family for this reason! 

UPDATE - February, 25: Erika, the fantastic adoption coordinator at Simply Cats, let us know that Jack Jack went home with a wonderful family on Wednesday! We're thrilled he's found a good home!

I was scrolling through Facebook when a photo of a beautiful orange kitty with stunning blue eyes, grabbed my attention. His name is Jack Jack  and he has one of the saddest stories I've ever heard. This 12 year old kitty is currently under the care of our friends at Simply Cats, Boise's cageless, no-kill, feline adoption center. He ended up there after because he was too much of a distraction while his human was working from home. While Jack Jack's human was deep into virtual meetings, he got really talkative.

According to his "About Me" section on the shelter's website, his "opera singing" would set off the chorus of dogs and it just became too much for Jack Jack's former owner. Since coming to the shelter, he's been nothing but a loving, calm kitty who purrs a lot. He didn't have a litter box at his old home (he had access through the outside world through the doggie door), but knows how to use one. Rather than chasing bugs and mice outside, Jack Jack would love to settle in for an inside nap.

My heart's just broken for this guy. I haven't worked from home much since the pandemic began, but on Saturday, I did my show from home. I closed the door to the home studio and Kota just sat outside meowing and begging for attention. I'm fairly sure he body slammed the door at one point. When I was done, I noticed he knocked EVERYTHING off my bathroom counter because he was sad that I was talking to "someone" and not paying attention to him. I wasn't thrilled to pick-up after him, but could I imagine surrendering him for that outburst? NEVER! He's my best buddy.

Would you like to give Jack Jack a second chance? You can start the process of meeting him by filing out the Meet Your Match and Become a Potential Adopter forms HERE. 


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