It seems like the word "adorable" might apply more to babies and outfits than it does to the city of Boise, but one top money site says because we're so stinkin' "adorable," we're about to get a lot more visitors.

I've seen pictures of your kids and pets on social media, and they sure are cute!  But Boise's shops might be the most adorable thing about the city, and because of that, said the visitors will be on their way this fall.  November will be the biggest month that they'll pack in to visit Boise's boutiques and quaint retail outlets.

Expedia looked at customer data based on travel lodging demands for September through November of this year and came up with the top destinations around the country where good deals on hotels are there for the taking.

November will be the month that Boise will have the lowest average daily rates (ADR) at $143, and visitors will be on their way to "check out the hot young culinary scene, adorable shops, and recreational family fun at destinations such as the Saturday Indoor Winter Market and the World Center for Birds of Prey," according to Expedia.

September will be the best month for visitors to hit Seattle with an average daily rate of $198, not to mention 70-degree weather for camping, hiking, and kayaking. And the coffee, which is amazing and necessary no matter what the weather is doing outside.

September will also be a great month to visit Boulder, Colorado with an ADR of $193. It might be too early to ski, but hiking will be good.

Apparently, we're sitting on a bit of a gold mine here and visitors will be flocking to see "up and coming Boise," as they put it on

Along with Boise, they said Austin, Texas, and Boston, Mass. will be great places to visit this November.  We're keeping some pretty cool company, but only one of us has those adorable shops.  Now, if only we could figure out which ones they're talking about!

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