Have you seen this tiny home for sale on Facebook Marketplace yet? Y’all some of these homes for sale on Facebook Marketplace are actually really great deals, and they're tempting me haha! Check out the pictures of this tiny home for sale in Nampa, Idaho 👇

And one of the great things about tiny homes, well, some of them... is that if you don’t like where it’s at you can just drive em’ somewhere else. This home (for right now) is in Nampa, but the listing says they’ll deliver the home to any state!

The home is a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom home with approximately 250 square feet and everything you’d ever need, and it’s currently listed on Facebook Marketplace at $88,000. The listing says there’s AC, electric heating, and a built-in washer and dryer unit.

Here’s what the seller’s description on Facebook says...

“This luxurious 22ft tiny home, comes with a carpeted bedroom loft addition, accessible with an iron pullout ladder, as well as guarded with a custom welded black iron rail. It has premier vinyl plank flooring, throughout the entirety of the home, made to be waterproof, a built-in washer and dryer unit (all in one), and an AC/Heating mini split.”

It looks to be fully upgraded with nicer, more modern features and appliances, which is great. The link on Facebook will be removed once someone buys it, so keep scrolling here for the pictures of the tiny home, as well as pictures of others in the Treasure Valley 👇

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