No Tricks, Just Treats 

Halloween is one of the most iconic holidays in a child's life. The fun, the costumes, and the candy are the magic behind those golden Fright Night memories. As parents ourselves, our task and purpose is keeping  our kids and your kids safe on Halloween. So, before you take your child trick or treating, we recommend referencing the 26-city gallery below for the locations of Idaho's registered sex offenders.

Click each pic to see the comprehensive list of that city's sex offenders.

Idaho's Sex Offender Law

Idaho's Sex Offender Law was enacted for public safety on July 1,1993. The law identifies convicted sex offenders and mandates they register their sex crimes with local law enforcement.

As of Wednesday, May 4, 2022, Idaho State Police have exposed 5,125 registered sex offenders on the Idaho Sex Offender Registry.

Interested in learning more about your neighborhood's sex offender convicts? Access the Idaho Sex Offender Registry search here.

Friendly Neighbor or Sexual Deviant? 26 Idaho Cities Ranked By Sex Offender Totals

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