LITE-FM Chistmas Wish has been helping neighbors in need throughout the Treasure Valley, thanks to Idaho Trust Bank and people like you, and we could use your help now. 

While we have been fulfilling wishes the last couple weeks, the amount of financial gifts received over this time has been much smaller than what we've seen in years past.

We totally understand there are financial challenges and we all face years that are tougher than others, and perhaps not surprisingly, the need this year seems bigger too.

That's where we come to you and ask if you had considered giving a gift to Christmas Wish this year, would you please do so?  If you can't, we get it, but if you can do $20, $25, $50, $100, whatever, your help would make a big difference.

Our Miracle Marathon is coming up this final week of Christmas Wish, and we want to help as many families as we possibly can.

We can't do it without you and our partners at Idaho Trust Bank.  You can make your donation by hitting the button below, or by stopping by Idaho Trust Bank across from JUMP! in BoDo.

Thank you for caring for our community through LITE-FM Christmas Wish, and Merry Christmas!