LITE-FM's Christmas Wish is back, thanks to our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union. On Miracle Marathon Day we sent a whole crew of people to surprise Tyler's family.


A few weeks ago, I was at a leadership meeting for my running group, Team Run Boise when someone suggested that we try to sponsor a family during the holiday season.  They didn't know how or where to find a family that might need a little hand up, so I spoke up. Jeff and I certainly knew a lot of those families, so I suggested that we collect money for a Christmas Wish Family.

That's how we met Tyler's family. Michelle and a few other of the teachers at North Junior High reached out to us to tell us about a very sick young man named Tyler. Tyler was diagnosed with stage four leukemia and will be in the hospital to the majority of the next six to eight months.  His classmates at North have rallied around him, sending cards, helping decorate his room in North gear and selling "Tyler Tough" bracelets to help his parents with the costs of his cancer treatments.

It came to their attention that because the family is constantly split 50/50 over who's with Tyler at the hospital and who's at home with his twin brother, Ryan the family has last track of the holidays and any other major events. That's why it's no surprise that the family hasn't decorated for Christmas at all.

Tyler's diagnosis is daily grim and this could be a very special Christmas for the family. When we heard that Tyler may get to leave the hospital for a few days before Christmas, Team Run Boise wanted to make sure that he had a Christmas tree to come home to. They brought Tyler's mom a brand new artificial tree (essential because Tyler's immune system has been knocked out by the chemo) and decorations for it!

That's why we piled Jeff Connell into the Team Subaru of Nampa Forester delivery sleigh with TRB to go deliver it to his mom, Julie.  They also dropped off an Amazon gift card so Tyler can do his Christmas shopping form the hospital, an iTunes card for both he and Ryan.  We know that Ryan's having a really difficult time with his twin's diagnosis so we left him passes to go to Winter Garden aGlow with his mom or dad to try and lift his spirits. Finally, we wanted to give the family a break from the hospital food so our friends at Smokey Mountain Pizzeria Grill and a pizza from Papa Murphy's thanks to our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union.

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