LITE-FM's Christmas Wish is back, thanks to our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union. 


When you're a new parent, you have one wish. That no matter what your baby is, boy or girl, you just want them to be healthy. Unfortunately, Mariah and Matt have had more hospital and doctor visits with their nine month-old daughter than they'd like to admit. The experience has been frustrating they're not getting any real answers about what's making her so sick.

Mariah lives with a heart condition, so right now she's not able to work, leaving Matt as the only income for the family. With medical bills and other expenses piling up, things have become really difficult for the couple.

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That's why Kyra reached out to see if there was anything we could do to bring a little light into the lives of two exhausted parents. We loaded up Jaci into the Treasure Valley Subaru delivery sleigh and sent her to do exactly that! (Click play to here the surprise!)

Donate to Help Us Grant More Wishes

We want to grant as many wishes as possible in 2020 and we can't do it without your support! If you'd like to make a donation, there's two easy ways to do that!

Donate at PFCU | Pioneer Federal Credit Union is collecting donations at all of their Treasure Valley locations. To find the one closest to you click HERE.

Donate Online | Chances are you've already got a PayPal account set up for your holiday shopping.  Use that same PayPal account or enter your payment information for a one time donation HERE.

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