LITE-FM's Christmas Wish is back, thanks to our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union. 

Listening to today's Christmas Wish may hit you hard. If certainly did for us. If you or a loved one need to talk, someone is always waiting for you on the other end of the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline at 208-398-4357.

Karl wrote to us about his friendship with Laura's family. He met Laura's husband Mike through doing karate and the two men clicked right away. Not only were they in to martial arts, both of them were military veterans navigating the waters of PTSD. Mike also ended up going through chemo and beating cancer.

When their dojo closed, Karl and Mike stayed in contact with each other. Karl knew that Mike lived a really difficult life but was optimistic that the family's move from Kuna to Emmett where he had a lot of acreage and things to do would be good for Mike.

That's why he was surprised to get a message from Laura that she and the kids lost Mike unexpectedly. As a vet working through some of the same things, the news hit Karl really hard and he felt like he had to step in to take care of his friend's family as much as he could. He and his sons have been helping Laura prepare the large property for winner and pitching in with things she just didn't know how to handle.

He know that this year is going to be extremely difficult for Laura and her teens as they go through the first Christmas season without Mike. Karl wanted to let her know that she's surrounded by a lot of people, even outside of her own family, that really care about her and the kids.

That's why we loaded up Jaci into the Treasure Valley Subaru delivery sleigh and sent her to drop off something to help Laura smile during a difficult year. (Click play to hear the surprise!)

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