LITE-FM Christmas Wish 2017 was a very special year, thanks to your generosity, helping families in need across the Treasure Valley.  We have one more that took just a little more time.

On Friday, thanks to our friends at Supreme Auto Repair in Garden City (who partnered with us to grant this wish), Tasha was able to pick up her van with a working transmission, and get back to some normalcy in her life.

Tasha was nominated by her mom, and this was her Christmas Wish:

My daughter is in the middle of a divorce from a man who lives out of state and there are children involved. She lost her job earlier this fall and was lucky enough to find another right away, but not as much pay. She makes too much for food stamps however is struggling to make ends meet. She is an amazing mom to 2 boys (ages 7 and 2) and is the Cub Master for Pack 40. Her heart is so huge, she reaches out to others in need and will go all out to help others.


Because of the job change she has become behind on mortgage payments and needs some help finding a way to catch up so she can eventually put the house up for sale. The spring in the garage door broke the car is becoming not reliable and needs help fixing or we (parents) have a mini-van for her but needs some work as well.

So we partnered up with her parents and Supreme Auto Repair to get the van back up and running, and as of Friday, Tasha now has a little more relief.  We also provided a few other items ahead of Christmas, but this was the big one.

Thank you once more for your generosity that has given this mother a chance to get back on the road with her kids and all she does for others.  It took a little longer to complete, but this wish was a special one, and has now been completed.

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