Outside of the Gem State, Idaho is known for potatoes, conservative values, the outdoors, and potatoes (did I mention that already?)  Most people don't know that Idaho is a leader in technology, entertainment, sports, and social and environmental issues.  Idaho has many firsts that we can all be proud of.  In case you don't know what those firsts are, scroll through this list and be amazed.  You'll soon see that these firsts are no small potatoes!

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Many towns in Idaho are easy to say and easy to spell. Some are easy to say but hard to spell. And some are hard to say and hard to spell. Whether you were born and raised in Idaho and you've only been here for a few months, these are the most commonly misspelled towns in Idaho.

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It's fascinating to see the evolution of a brand that you interact with regularly. Sometimes, the changes are subtle, and sometimes their not. Check out how these companies that Idahoans see nearly every day have modified their look over the years.

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